Debate & Diplomacy

As participants take on the role of member-state delegates, they emulate official NATO summits and debates.

The experience

For the past 12 years, students from all across the globe have been getting together for the BMNATO Conference. Complete with opening & closing ceremonies, as well as committee sessions, participants yearly experience what it’s like to be a part of the most acclaimed model NATO conference in Europe.

By youth,

for youth

Each year, our body of organizers, chairpersons, volunteers, and delegates is solely made up of both new and returning students.


from His Excellency Emil Constantinescu


Gracing us with words of wisdom from his own experience and valuable advice for the youth looking to pursue a career in diplomacy.

We thank our Former President for the time he has spent with us!

Becoming a delegate:

1. Book your ticket

Click the "Buy your ticket" button above or in the navigation bar. Select your ticket types or packets, and after proceeding to checkout, pay via credit/debit card. You'll receive an email confirmation and a printable ticket, among with any other necessary details.

2. Do your research & stay updated

Whether you're avidly competitive or just want to grow your soft skills, being knowledgable about your committee's topics and the rules of procedure is key. Our study guides, summary sheets, and expert chairpersons will be at your disposal, to help you stay on top of your game.