About the Meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs - Bucharest, Romania

After fourteen years since the last summit held by NATO in Bucharest, the ministers of foreign affairs of the member countries are meeting in the capital of Romania to discuss the present challenges that the Alliance is facing. This event represents an important diplomatic strength, as the Russian non-forced invasion in Ukraine is an ongoing crisis for the Euro-Atlantic area.


We, Model NATO, are honored to have such a significant summit held in our country, a summit that approaches difficult topics. Being the only recognized NATO high school organization, we want to make teenagers aware of the importance of this conference.


The summit will be held on November, the 29th – 30th, at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest. The NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg arrived this Monday, in the Romanian capital, meeting with Klaus Iohannis, the President of Romania. The two officials discussed the value that Romania presents in the Alliance, the support offered to the Ukrainian army and the openness shown towards the Ukrainian refugees. Moreover, Klaus Iohannis and Jens Stoltenberg approached the Black and Baltic Sea reinforcements and their strategic position in the on-going crisis.


For the next two days at the Palace of Parliament, NATO’s ministers of foreign affairs will discuss the Russian influence on the close allies of the Alliance, including Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Both of these days serve as a powerful defense line against Russian aggression, showing the unity of NATO member countries in combating security threats in the Euro-Atlantic region.